Nature created the blueprint. We are creating the breakthroughs.

Our health depends on the careful movement of millions of protein molecules around each cell in the human body.  Autophagy is the natural process that facilitates this orderly trafficking and is also essential for recycling old proteins and mitochondria. Although the human body boosts autophagy in response to exercise or reduced nutrient intake, only recently have we begun to understand how in certain diseases this quality control process goes awry and is detrimental.

These recent discoveries have created a vast new opportunity in medicine. For the first time, we can begin to design treatment strategies to boost autophagy and arrest or reverse disease progression. At Casma, we see our emerging understanding of autophagy and lysosomal function as the key to opening up novel ways of treating a host of diseases that are neglected or inadequately treated today.

Our Product Engine

Casma has built a robust product engine to identify and drug specific autophagy drivers. Based on disease-specific insights into key autophagy and lysosomal drivers, we are working to intervene throughout the entire autophagy / lysosomal process, from the identification and capture of dysfunctional material to the engagement and completion of the autophagy process in the lysosome.

Our approach spans every facet of the autophagy system from initiation, to formation of the autophagosome, to fusion with lysosomes, to lysosomal biogenesis and function.


Autophagy<br>Initiation Autophagy<br>Initiation

Vesicle Elongation
and Completion

Autophagy<br>Initiation Autophagy<br>Initiation

and fusion

Autophagy<br>Initiation Autophagy<br>Initiation


Autophagy<br>Initiation Autophagy<br>Initiation