Many drugs work by inhibiting an active site of a protein.  In recent years, there has been a paradigm shift in drug discovery aimed at degrading a protein or other dysfunctional cellular target.  The advantages of degradation vs. inhibition include better potency, faster response rates, increased selectively, potentially fewer adverse events and an expansion in the number of diseases that can be treated.

Casma Therapeutics is harnessing autophagy by developing a novel degradation technology to open new target areas for drug discovery and development that will profoundly impact the lives of patients. Autophagy is a conserved cellular process that contributes to overall organismal health, but when autophagy is perturbed, inefficient autophagic flux contributes to numerous diseases. By selectively boosting autophagy and degradation of disease targets in the lysosome, Casma expects to be able to arrest or reverse the progression of several diseases such as neurodegeneration, metabolic disorders, inflammation, and muscle degeneration.

Our Product Engine

The Casma team has generated unique molecular insights to demonstrate the feasibility of drugging the autophagy-lysosomal pathway in new ways. This advance has formed the basis for several drug discovery programs aimed at degrading the drivers of disease. We rely on definitive data to drive our decisions and stay true to the science so that we do the right thing for patients.