Senior Scientist, Computational Chemistry

Department:    Drug Discovery
Reports to:        SVP of Drug Discovery
Location:           Cambridge, MA

Casma Overview

Casma Therapeutics is harnessing the natural cellular process of autophagy to open vast new target areas for drug discovery and development that will profoundly impact the lives of patients. Autophagy is a conserved cellular process that contributes to overall organismal health. Inefficient autophagy flux or defects in lysosomal homeostasis are observed in numerous pathologies, e.g., neurodegeneration, metabolic disorders, inflammation, and muscle degeneration. Casma uses several approaches to intervene at strategic points throughout the autophagy-lysosome system to improve the cellular process of clearing out unwanted proteins, organelles and invading pathogens. By boosting autophagy, Casma expects to be able to arrest or reverse the progression of lysosomal storage disorders, muscle disorders, inflammatory disorders and neurodegeneration, among other indications. Casma was launched in 2018 by Third Rock Ventures and is based in Cambridge, Mass.

The Role

We are currently seeking a highly motivated, creative, and experienced Senior Scientist, Computational Chemist to build a cutting-edge modeling and computational chemistry effort to drive the drug discovery efforts for multiple programs. In addition to significant experience in compound design toward successful discovery programs and expertise in modeling and computational technologies, the position will require the candidate to have the capacity to work independently within a collaborative environment and demonstrate leadership, creativity and adaptability in her/his scientific work. In this role, the successful candidate will provide scientific leadership on a day-to-day basis within a multi-disciplinary drug design team guiding an international, virtual synthetic chemistry team.


  • Define and acquire appropriate modeling software to support medicinal chemistry.
  • Execute structure-based drug design using co-crystal structures.
  • Create pharmacophore, homology, QSAR and other empirical models.
  • Interact with experienced drug design team to generate structural hypotheses.
  • Access and manipulate crystallographic data, ligand docking to active sites and homology modeling.
  • Other duties, as assigned.

Requirements + Qualifications

  • PhD in computational chemistry, computational biology or a related field, with 8+ years of related work experience within a pharmaceutical or biotech environment
  • Proven leadership experience managing projects and people; must be capable of building computational chemistry as a function within the organization
  • Expertise in applying in silico techniques for the process of hit identification through advanced lead optimization
  • A solid understanding of chemometrics, which includes QSAR methodologies, data mining and visualization, protein modeling, molecular docking, library design, conformational analysis, pharmacophore development, and 2D and 3D similarity
  • A sound understanding of bioinformatics and computational biology including gene expression data analysis and mining biological pathways to enhance target knowledge (GeneGO, Ingenuity)
  • Background in medicinal chemistry and basic knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry
  • The ability to work independently as effectively as being able to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills and scientific creativity
  • Programming skills in C/C++/C#, Java and scripting in Perl/Python and Pipeline Pilot
  • Strong interpersonal, collaboration, and organizational skills
  • Clear and effective verbal and written communication skills
  • A demonstrated ability to think logically and critically
  • Ability to successfully participate in a highly-creative and enthusiastic start-up environment
  • Exemplify a patient-first focus, courage, integrity, drive, and respect for all team members

Company Values + Culture

Courage to listen, learn, lead, Awesome science, Strength through collaboration,

Medical breakthroughs for patients, Always do the right thing

We have created and are sustaining a creative scientific culture where we recognize and reward our “Casmaniacs” for exemplifying our Core Values, and we accelerate our professional growth through coaching, development, and frequent feedback. Our plan of nurturing the fiercest, most talented and diverse Casmaniacs is coming to fruition before our very eyes.

Casmaniacs are provided competitive salaries, stock options, bonus eligibility, and excellent benefits including health, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, long-term disability, 401(k), unlimited vacation, generous parental leave, commuter reimbursement, professional development, philanthropic opportunities, and most importantly a sense of community.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Casma provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, age, veteran status, disability, pregnancy or conditions related to pregnancy, or genetics.

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